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There are a zillion record shops in Athens. Between Panapistimiou and Stadiou streets there are a couple stoas (likestreets but covered so they are indoors) with different themes. In the Stoa Pezmazoglou at 39 Panepistimiou, right across from the University there is a very interesting little music shop called Nikos Xilouris. Xilouris is to Cretan music as Hank Williams is to country music and this tiny store is full of his CDs, DVDs, books and memorabilia plus music by other Cretan, Rembetika and Laika musicians. The shop was owned by his son Giorgos Xilouris(photo), now deceased, and is a great place to buy Greek music or just to stop in and say hello to his wife if you are a Xilouris fan. For more on Rembetika Music see my Rembetika page at also Gifts and Shopping in Athens

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