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Windows Phone 8 Xap Deployer Download

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Windows Phone 8 Xap Deployer Download

The problem is, on saving the .xap file in the microSD card and trying to install the file (after disconnecting the phone from the computer), we are not able to get the "Install my Local Apps" menu in theStore "..." . Whereas on downloading apps site, we are getting the above said menu via which we can easily install the downloaded file.

The XAP deployment option via SD card is only available to signed XAPs. Either you download the file from the store (in which key it's signed by the store) or you get yourself a company certificate from Microsoft and sign your XAP files using those (in order for the later to work you will have to install the company certificate to the phone first).

Hi,If you need to share application to your client(whose device does not developer registration) Then publish your application into store.Please find following link How to publish windows phone app to store-

We have tried using Application Deployment Tool (XapDeploy.exe) present in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows Phone\v8.0\Tools\XAP Deployment", the application is working properly in our developer's windows Nokia phone but since this .Net Framework (Microsoft SDKs) is not present in client's side hence it is not possible for us to share this .xap file with them.

I have developed one simple game by using phonegap android BUT after build for windows, ios, android, blackberry etc, its working only for android devices, so I can install apk file for android devices BUT for windows .xap file is not detecting in the windows phone 8 device. I have downloaded .xap from after build in phonegap.Anybody please advice me How to install .xap into wp8 Any steps and procedure appreciated a lot.Thanks in advance

This specific appx package is generated every time you sideload an app to your phone and is the version that your phone receives. The deployer runs MDILXapCompile on every file in the package to precompile any managed assemblies into native code.

In the other hand, it may expose the XAP contents to any user who downloads it from the phone store manually. There is a possibility of reverse engineering too. But I am sure that those XAP files are well protected by the Windows Phone Store. To test it out, I downloaded one of my Phone application in XAP format and renamed it to .ZIP extension. Then I tried to open the new ZIP file in popular ZIP applications like WinZIP and WinRar, but those process went in vain as it popped up with the below message in the screen saying a corrupted file format: 153554b96e


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