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What is Debit Cards?

A debit card is a bank product that allows your transaction from your bank account electronically. It is well known as Plastic money or plastic card. it provides a facility to withdraw cash from ATM machines too.

There are a few ways that individuals can use to pay to the merchant via Debit card –

  1. The cardholder can swipe up the card To pay.

  2. He can pay via waving the card on machine, The transactions will be possible by Contactless chip.

  3. In Some Machines, You have to insert the card and enter the Four-Digit Security to do the transaction.

  4. You can withdraw the cash direct from atm machine to pay the merchant.

Additionally, New Debit cards offer reward points on purchasing. Some Premium debit cards provide complimentary airport lounge access benefits like a credit card.

On Shopping from e-commerce websites, There is a new facility offered by Bank for Debit card holders can purchase in Monthly EMI.

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