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How To Create Stunning DVD Slideshows With Wondershare (Free Download) [PORTABLE]

Step 1: Add Files

First, you need to download and install Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder from its official website or from other trusted sources. Then, launch the program and choose the Standard Mode or the Advanced Mode. The Standard Mode is more suitable for beginners who want to make a quick slideshow with pre-designed movie styles. The Advanced Mode gives you more control over the timing, editing, and customization of your slideshow.

How to Create Stunning DVD Slideshows with Wondershare (Free Download)

Next, click on the Add Files button to import your photos and videos from your computer. You can also drag and drop them directly to the storyboard. You can organize them by dragging them to different positions or deleting the unwanted ones. You can also rotate, crop, or enhance your photos and videos with the built-in tools.

Step 2: Personalize

Now comes the fun part. You can personalize your slideshow with various elements to make it more attractive and unique. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Add movie styles: Movie styles are pre-designed themes that apply transitions, effects, and animations to your photos and videos automatically. You can choose from over 480 movie styles in different categories such as fashion, love, kid, classic, etc. You can also download more movie styles online or create your own ones.

  • Add transitions: Transitions are the effects that appear between two photos or videos. You can choose from over 130 transitions in 2D or 3D modes. You can also customize the duration and direction of each transition.

  • Add music: Music can set the mood and tone of your slideshow. You can add songs from your computer or from the built-in music library. You can also trim, fade, or loop the music as you like.

  • Add titles: Titles can help you tell a story or add some information to your slideshow. You can add titles to any photo or video by clicking on the Text tab. You can also set the font, size, color, style, shadow, and animation of each title.

  • Add voiceover: Voiceover can add a personal touch to your slideshow. You can record your own voice using a microphone or import an audio file from your computer. You can also adjust the volume and sync the voiceover with the slideshow.

  • Add clipart: Clipart are small graphics that you can add to your photos or videos to make them more lively and fun. You can choose from over 100 clipart images in different categories such as animals, flowers, hearts, etc.

  • Add intro/credit: Intro and credit clips are optional but they can make your slideshow more professional-looking. You can add them by clicking on the Intro/Credit tab. You can also customize their background, text, music, etc.

Step 3: Output

Once you are satisfied with your slideshow, you can output it in various ways:

  • Burn to DVD: You can burn your slideshow directly to a DVD disc with a beautiful DVD menu. You can choose from over 90 DVD menu templates or create your own one. You can also set the aspect ratio (4:3 or 16:9), TV standard (NTSC or PAL), video quality (high, medium, low), etc.

  • Save as video: You can save your slideshow as a video file in different formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, etc. You can also choose a preset for various devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod, Xbox, PSP, BlackBerry, etc.

Share online: You can upload your slideshow directly to YouTube with one click. You 04f6b60f66


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