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Essays On Fear Of Death Illustrations Morcea

During 1934 there was a serious deterioration of the political climate in Romania. Nae Ionescu became proscribed in the aftermath of a quarrel with King Carol II. Eliade had already started his lectures at the University of Bucharest and contributed to various journals and newspapers. In August he traveled to Berlin to complete the bibliography related to his thesis. Four new books bearing his name reached the bookstores that year (two of them were novels): India, Intoarcerea din rai (The Return from Paradise), Lumina ce se stinge , and Oceanografie (Oceanography). Written in a personal prose liberated from the constraints of academic style, Oceanografie is a collection of essays whose main topic is how the sacred is camouflaged in the profane of the present day, an idea that Eliade developed in his later prose fiction. In Intoarcerea din rai Eliade returned to the issue of his generation and deplored the loss of the paradise in which he and his fellows had lived before being thrown into history. (The theme of the terror of history was also going to loom large in his later writings.) Eliade felt then that the time given to him and his generation would soon come to an end; hence his obsession that he must complete at least one "great book" and his fear that external circumstances might prevent him from writing his oeuvre in its entirety. (By that time he had plans for some twenty books.) Both Intoarcerea din rai and Lumina ce se stinge were considered overly sophisticated and intoxicated with authenticity; some reviewers were also puzzled by the great number of characters and literary techniques--among them, a stream of consciousness reminiscent of Joyce. These books marked a sharp departure from Maitreyi.

Essays On Fear Of Death illustrations morcea

Two new collections of Eliade's essays were published in Bucharest in 1943: Comentarii la legenda Mesterului Manole (Commentaries on the Legend of Master Manole), which includes important studies on the theme of sacrificial death in literature, and Insula lui Euthanasius (The Island of Euthanasius). In 1944 Eliade's wife died of cancer a few months after the capitulation of Romania on 23 August. He then moved to Cascaes in Portugal, a picturesque fishing village near Estoril, where he began drafting Le Mythe de l'éternel retour (1949), which addresses the issue of the terror of history. It was later translated into English as The Myth of the Eternal Return (1954).


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