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Key Diskgetor Data Recovery V3.2 ((BETTER))

4. the wizard will show the progress of data recovery which will take some time. once the wizard is done with its work, you will get a notification from the wizard telling you that your file recovery is done. tap the "finish" button to get access to your recovered data.

Key Diskgetor Data Recovery V3.2

5. after you finish recovering data from a raw partition, you can either choose to save the files in your computer or you can export the recovered raw data to your computer using the "export raw data" option available in the wizard's wizard. the exported raw data will be saved at the specified location. you can then import the data files from the exported raw data using any data recovery software. table of content [hide]

step 2. download the free imyfone d-back hard drive recovery expert, install it, and launch it. when the installation completes, you need to turn off the mac. after this step, you can do the following steps:

step 5. the scanning process should last a couple of hours; once the hard drive is scanned successfully, all the data will be displayed automatically in the table. you can preview the data on the table, and select the right data to be recovered.

in this article, we focus on how to fix and repair raw drive without formatting, thus you don't have to lose important files during converting a raw drive to ntfs/fat32. when an external hard drive becomes raw, never format it if important files haven't been recovered. raw drive recovery should always be your first step. what's your story let us know your experience in the comment section or via email.


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